💬Send messages

If you want to contact one of the members of TractorFan, you can do so by sending that member a personal message.

Send your first message

When you go to the profile of another member, you can click the 'Send message' button.

After clicking the button, a popup opens that allows you to provide a subject and write your message.

After sending the message, the other member will receive a notification.

Realtime chat

When you as well as the other participants are looking at the same conversation, messages will appear in realtime. If, in the meantime, the other person has archived the conversation, sending a new message it will unarchive it.

Unlike other chat applications we don't have "read receipts" that indicate which participants have read your message.

All chats are private

All chats are private. Other members can not read your messages, unless you invite them to the thread.

Share your knowledge

If you asked a technical question on the website and resolve the issue during a private chat, please make a comment detailing your solution and mark that as the accepted answer. This way, the person that came up with the solution gets rewarded and other members / visitors can find the solution as well.

Continue the conversation via e-mail, iMessage or Whatsapp

You can always continue your conversation via e-mail, iMessage or Whatsapp. We will not block you from sharing personal details, like phone numbers or e-mail adresses. In fact, we do our best to markup phone numbers and e-mail addresses as clickable links. Just be aware of the risks of sharing your details with other people.

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