🔧Ask technical questions

Asking and answering questions is one of the most popular parts of TractorFan and there have been several improvements in this area.

Ask your first question

To ask your first question, go to Forum > Create topic. Here you select the second option:

Select a specific machine

Technical questions have the highest chance getting an anser if you select the correct machine. This way we can specifically ask users of this machine to help you.

You can easily search the list to find the machine you're looking for. If your question is not about a specific machine or if you can't find it, select "no".

Select your audience

By default your question will be translated to Dutch or English, depending on your own locale. But if you have a question that's intended for a single language you can select that here.

Ask your question

First, provide a short title for your question. If possible, include the Brand / Model of the machine in the title.

Explain your problem and add details

Using the editor, describe the problem with as much detail as possible. Also explain what you tried already. In the editor you can now upload images and provide them with captions.

Learn more about using the editor

Post your question

Click on Post question to submit it. Once it's published, an e-mail is sent to all users that might be able to answer your question. It will also be visible in the forum pages with a "Help needed" label.

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