🟢Personalised homepage

Inspired by Tiktok we now have a special "For you" page, that contains a personalised feed of all content from the accounts and items you follow.

How can I see it?

The default homepage is the "All" page, but when you're logged in, you can also click on the "For you" option in the homepage toggle. Another way to get there is to click on your avatar in the navigation bar and select the "For you" link.

What does it look like?

The "For you page" is a Facebook like feed that is filled chronologically with all content you might find interesting. It also contains easy shortcuts to the items you subscribed to.

How to personalise this feed

In lots of places, you can find the subscribe button. When you click it, you're instantly subscribed to that item.

You can subscribe to the following categories:

Subscribing to these items will not only keep you track of new content, it also adds shortcurts and special overviews elsewhere in the website.

Subtle reminder of new content

The green dot on top of your profile picture indicates that there is new content. Once you've visited your feed, the green dot will disappear.

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