Sharing pictures and adding information to share them in the right places is now much easier.

What has changed compared to TractorFan 2.0?

Pictures don't have to contain tractors or machines

In the past it was impossible to share pictures without selecting a tractor or machine. But now selecting a brand + model is optional. The benefit of this is that you can now paint a more complete picture of your project by including parts or tools. And you can upload faster, when you simply don't know what the machine is. In that case, the community can assist you.

Pictures can contain multiple machines

Another benefit of the new setup is that you can now tag multiple machines in the same picture. This helps us get rid of the unsightly 'mulitple' folders under most brands. You can simply tag the most prominent machines.

You can now add titles to your picture

At the very least, you need to add a description to your picture. Our AI will automatically suggest a title for you based on your description, which you can added to your own preferences.

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