TractorFan is narrowly integrated with Youtube. We want to highlight the best videos about agricultural equipment without all the algorithmic nonsense Youtube inflicts on you.

Why only Youtube?

In the past TractorFan supported several video providers like Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook and others. But chosing one video provider makes it possible to integrate more tightly with the video player.

It saves a lot of effort, but it also makes tighter integration, like making it possible to copy and link to specific timestamps. And creating channel pages on TractorFan itself.

What can you do with videos on TractorFan?

On TractorFan you can:

  • React to videos

  • Comment on videos

  • Link to specific timestamps

  • Follow:

  • View your history

  • View the videos you reacted to

  • View the videos you commented on

  • Promote your channel

  • Promote your company

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