💡How to keep track of updates

A lot of people suffer from notification fatigue, including me. Every app screams for attention by sending you notifications, sometimes completely useless. Red dots get ignored more and more.

Different colors have different meanings

To help you keep track of updates, we have different ways of notifying you. One way is by using small colored dots on top of your avatar in the navigation bar.

Little green dot The green dot appears when there's new content on your personalised homepage. You control which content is shown here by subscribing to specific users, brands, machines, etcetera.

Little blue dot The blue dot appears when you have received a new message in a private or group chat. By separating this alert, it's easier to stay on top of the chats you have going on.

Little red dot The red dot appears when you are notified of replies or reactions to your contributions (pictures, videos, topics, comments, etc.) or when your name is mentioned by another user.

You can simply click on your profile image to trigger your menu and jump right to the homepage, inbox or notifications overview.

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