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Like any other social news sharing website all news that can be of interest to our audience can be shared and discussed by fellow members.

Share your first article

To share your first article, go to Forum > Create topic. Here you select the first option:

First you'll have to copy the URL from your address bar:

When you paste this in the URL field, the server will attempt to get the title, description and an image for that article. Under "Who should see this article" you can select the intended audience. Not all Dutch-language articles are of interest to the English speaking audience and vice versa, but if they are, you can select "Both" and the system will automatically translate your topic to the corresponding language.

Now all you have to do is rewrite the title to something unique and add your own comments on the article. This title will be the title of the forum topic.

You can also edit the Title and Description of the article itself, but this is almost never needed.

Now click on the "Start discussion" button and voila, you shared your first article!

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