Create collections

Everyone can create collections and doing it is pretty easy.

Create your first collection

Navigate to a picture and click on the + button in the list with selections. Alternatively, you can use the "tools" button or press Ctrl + K or Cmd + K to trigger the tools menu. From here, a popup will show, asking you if you want to add it to an existing collection or to a new one.

To create a new collection, all you have to do is add a title and description for that collection, for example "Headlight inspiration" if you want to create a collection of cool headlights.

Add to an exisiting collection

To add media to an existing collection you can search for and select the collection you've made before.

Remove item from a collection

Go to a picture or video and look at the list of collections. Click on the X button to remove the image from your collection.

Edit a collection

To edit your collection you can click on the Tools icons or press Ctrl + K or Cmd + K to trigger the tools menu. From there, you can select the "Edit this collection" menu option.

Here you can change the title and also add a description, which might help clarify the purpose of your collection.

Sort items

It's not possible to sort your collection. Collections can get quite large and sorting them through drag and drop can become quite cumbersome. However, when viewing a collection, you can always sort by Age, Popularity and Date added.

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