🖊️Text editor

When you create a topic or post a comment, you can now use the text editor to enhance your text with markup, links and images.

Links are automatically made clickable once you past them in the editor. You can also link specific words by selecting them and clicking the Link icon in the toolbar.

Bold, cursive, lists and quotes

We have buttons in the toolbar for marking up text as bold, cursive or making lists. You can also markup text as a quote.

Adding images

In the past if you wanted to add an image to your topic or comment you had to do it with "attachments". Now that's no longer needed. You can now just drag and drop an image, use the image button or even paste an image from your clipboard.

Be sure to describe your image with the caption tool:

And if you wish to add more text (or images) after this one, you can use the "return" button to insert another paragraph:

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