🔵Chat messages

There are multiple ways to get notified about new messages in your inbox, so you don't have to miss anything.

New messages arrive in realtime

If you're still looking at a message thread in your inbox, new messages from the other participants will arrive in realtime.

Messages will popup when browsing the website

If you're still "online" and browsing the website, you'll see a notification popup at the top (on tablets and desktop pc's) or at the bottom (on mobile) of the website. This message will arrive in realtime.

Messages will popup when browsing other websites

If you're not browsing TractorFan but another website, and you've enabled browser notifications in your settings, you'll receive a "browser" notification. There's a slight delay between receiving the message and the notification, to prevent double notifications.

You'll receive and e-mail regarding unread messages

If you haven't read your new message within 15 minutes after receiving it, we'll send you an e-mail notification about that message and any other messages received in that timespan. The 15 minute delay was chosen to prevent unnecessary notifications that end up being ignored.

Subtle reminder of new messages

The blue dot on top of your profile picture indicates that there is new content. Once you've visited your feed, the blue dot will disappear.

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