A lot of people on TractorFan enjoy miniatures. But not all people. Another part of the member is fan of Farming Simulator. But not all people. The new Groups help organise content for these groups.

Why add groups?

A lot of content that is interesting for one group, is not interesting for others. By containing most of the content in a group, we prevent that TractorFan becomes a Farming Simulator fansite for example. Meanwhile, Farming Simulator fans can still use the site to talk about their hobby, which in itself is very much related to the main theme of TractorFan: agricultural equipment.

The same counts for miniatures, events, memes, etc.

What can you do with groups?

In a way, a group is like a miniature version of TractorFan. In a group, you can:

  • Share pictures

  • Share videos

  • Share topics

Pictures, videos and topics directly shared with a group, will not show up on the homepage or the general overviews, unless specifically marked as universally available by the user or a moderator.

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